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The world has witnessed the existence of online platforms for donating for a number of years now. We all know how personalised targeting by email and online advertising can be and it is no different for charity organisers as an effective method of reaching out to potential donors.

Do not give blindly, give to a cause that you have absolute passion about

In addition to this, there are now various services that make it easier and more convenient than previously for donors to pay financially. The need to donate via the established online platforms has never been greater since there has been a general awareness by charity supporters to donate online. Charitable organizations, however, also need to be vigilant that their administration functions well and effectively delivers it donations to the intended source. . Before you make that donation to charity though, consider the following points so that your donation helps more.

A knee-jerk fashion type of giving is not the best. Mathew Viola says that donors should first identify a cause that touches them or their kin before committing to donate anything.

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Almost every charitable organization will send you requests for donation. As a result individuals will want to think carefully about which causes they want to support and it seems a good principle to follow that you will probably to prefer to donate to a cause that you have faith in. A cause that will make a difference in someone’s life, may be more important to you when it is someone close who you can identify with. It is worth spending time to establish the reasons behind the existence of the organization that you intend to give to. A transparent organisation will be able to explain its purpose and philosophy, from its leaders and directors to its employees.

If a donor is prompted to donate through a phone call, then such a donor may have lost the battle. Donors who wait for organizations to come to them for funding end up rewarding the most aggressive ones, as opposed to helping the ones that they may actually resonate with.

Get to know what the organization has accomplished

Use Charity Navigator to get clear informations

Use Charity Navigator to get clear informations

Commit some time to researching your organization of choice. Make sure that you are aware of what the organization has accomplished in the past, and be sure with regards to its current mission. The charities that were famous some years earlier may resuscitate their operations and being established, they will rely on their name. Nevertheless, find out what they are involved in currently.
As much as you may want to rely on Charity Navigator to understand the financial health, transparency, governance practices, and accountability of a charitable organization, go further and visit the website of that organization. You will get clearer information.

You must be ready to know who runs the organization, how strong is it, and what its mission is. Find out who the board members are. If the board members are family members, you may want to find out more and check on the charity’s activities. There should be practical evidence of guidance and leadership.

Do not use your phone to donate

Take your money direct to the organization. The people who call you over the phone are often associated with the negatively-perceived ‘cold-calling’. Even if your favourite organization calls and you are tempted to donate over the phone, it is always wise to be wary of a scam. The conversation can be polite and often informal and friendly, but never give personal bank details over the phone to someone you don’t know. An open organisation may use telephone calling as a way to attract donors, but will be willing to let payments made through safe and securely established portals.