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Once in every while one may get the urge to make a charitable donation to a course that is launched in the online platform. Given the scamming and the cyber insecurity, one should be very wary of the organizations they are given g their money to. These are some of the recommendations that one should know before donating.

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Know Your Charity Well

In the internet it is all about the fine details. A simple character such as “.org” or “.com” may misappropriate your funds to a wrong website. Things to look out for are such as mission statements, a clear description in what they deal in, a list of the current board of directors. The important thing to note is that anyone can purchase a domain in the   internet so every detail matters. Further ,background check is plausible such as looking up for their tax compliance with the internal revenue authority, the  charity watch website sponsored by government also offers concise information about the organization in question.

Accrue Direct Contact Information

Make sure you have your contact person in the organization who you can check with before and after making your donation. Important things to consider here are such as direct email, offline physical address and their direct call line.

Look Out For Relevant Date Information

Some charity and non-profit organizations do not often update their websites. That said, it is important that you pay key attention to dates on the web pages to find the exact dates the information was updated. This will help avoid making decisions based on information that has been outdated and that may no longer be accurate. Without verifying the dates in the particular charity site, you stand the risk of contributing donations to an organization that no longer supports the same course as yours.

Donate Safely

Before making any online transaction using your credit card information, you should always ensure that the site you are using is secured by an encryption technology. To do this you need to check and ensure that the address bar on the page, which requires your payment details, has an “s” in “https” which stands for security meaning your details will be transmitted safely. If the charity organization saves personal information of their online networks, follow up to ensure that they are using a firewall or other form that prevents hackers from gaining access. Also, ensure that the systems are up to date because hackers may have a way to defeat old technology.