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“Generous Charity"

Among the different nations that form the UK, it has been revealed that the Scots are the most generous. According to Charities Aid Foundation, the Scots have the highest tendency to contribute money for charity work, donate goods to charity, sponsor a colleague or friend, and spend their time for charity work than other folks across the United Kingdom.

From CAF’s annual report on Scotland, they discovered that the Scots accounted for 8.4 percent of the 9.7 billion pounds contributed to charity in the United Kingdom over the previous year. Despite the fact that they make up just 8.2 percent of the total population in the UK, they were able to donate such a large sum.

This report by CAF titled “Scotland Giving 2017” got its fact from a tracking survey carried out monthly by a polling firm called YouGov

According to the report, an average of one out of five scots spent much of their time for charity work in the previous year, and women are found to have the higher population.

About 60 percent donated goods to charity shops or for other good work and most of them signed an agreement form.

About two-thirds of the population of Scotland donated funds for charity work in the previous year with the highest donation received in the month of November due to the high rate of national fundraising campaigns.

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The number one area that receives the highest funding is medical research followed by children & young people, disaster relief, and animal welfare.

It was also found from the report that 94 percent of 16 to 24-year old people had carried out various forms of charitable works in the previous year, higher than the 89 percent gotten from the UK.

“Scotland’s culture"

According to the report, “Although there are many similarities between giving in Scotland and giving in the UK as a whole, there are some clear differences in attitudes and forms of engagement that are reflective of the culture of giving which is so deeply embedded within Scotland."

CAF’s head of research, Susan Pinkney, said: “This important new research confirms that Scots are incredibly generous and dedicated to supporting the causes they care about.”

“However you look at it, Scotland performs incredibly well and this shows the amazing culture of giving we have here in Scotland, of which we should all be very proud”, she added.

This report was gotten from one thousand online interviews across the UK, with around eighty interviews conducted in Scotland each month.