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Owing to the social web, everyone can now donate to charity without too much effort. The donation may not just involve charity but may also involve offering time and other non-monetary support. In support of a genuine cause, it is possible to give anything that is beneficial to people in need. Some of the best sites that collect funds to give to charity gather social media personalities and online crowds so as to help in a cause. Some of the sites include: is a well-known platform that enables non-profit organizations and individuals to team up and act as a group in order to deal with a given social problem. The Supporter Network of the site is made up of social networking platforms that gather like-minded and socially alert persons.

Donors are advised to create a profile that relates to a given cause. The profile will prompt other lovers of charity work to identify with the said donor and they may pledge, donate, or come with a bigger team to donate in the platform.

Non-profit organizations are advised to create platforms that are branded so that their quest for charity funds may be taken seriously. Organizations are also at liberty to share their updates with followers as well as giving updates to ardent followers of charity work. The profile page should be a summary of all the activities that have taken place since the organization was formed. is a well-known platform where you can donate

Non-profit organizations are also free to have their analysis done for free by experts. If a non-profit organization accepts donations from, then it must comply with 501(c) 3 according to Guide Star. The non-profit organizations remit over 47% as transaction processing fee. The fee is sent to Network for Good. It is necessary to note that takes none of your donations.

Crowd rise is an online fundraising platform

This is an online fundraising platform that offers tools to help in event fundraising, fundraising for special occasions, team funds drive, and even personal fundraising. This platform was developed by Edward Norton, the actor and co-founder. This star-backed site is now recognized by various donors who donate generously.

If a donor aims at initiating a fundraising company that gives to one or more volunteers to help, then such a donor is advised to accumulate some points to help in identified activities. For every dollar a donor raises, he/she gets to earn 10 points. Double points are earned once the said donor donates some money to a charity that has been featured. The donor who gains the highest number of points is given gift cards, clothing, and electronics.

Non-profit organizations can use this platform to help in various needy causes that help them to cement their position as concerned organizations.

The fundamental fundraising accounts are usually free while accounts which are featured are charged a maximum of $49 for every month. A Royale account is charged $199 for every month. Every account prompts organizations to set up annual commitments. Any donation that is made through the basic account, a 5% transaction fee is charged. A 4% commission is charged on featured accounts while the Royale accounts attract a 3% commission. Every account is deducted $0.3 which is geared towards card processing and another $2.9 which is a standard charge for every account.

This is a site that has been set aside to secure donations made by non-profit organizations. Every effort that is made to help in charity work though this platform is sure to get to the right charitable work. The site offers companies, non-profit organizations, individuals, and other software developers an array of donation tools.

Donors may never have direct contact with donate now until they make online donations that uses the scenes. A donor can also create and manage his/her own profile through giving donations and following the online history. A donor may also set up a monthly direct debit.

Non-profit organizations can use the ‘donate now’ service through selecting either to give $60 per month, donate now plus to give $80 per month, or donate now unlimited to give $150 per month. Every account attracts a 3% transaction fee.

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