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We at Payroll Giving Centre are aware of the current challenges that people face across the world – proof enough that charity is an inevitable issue. Yet even among more developed societies, the need for charity persists. Vulnerable people are found in areas that have known little or no development since time immemorial.

Donate what you barely need

We all have some items that we do not use in our homes. Such things may include furniture, sports gear, toys, and clothes.

Spare your time

There are people who are very generous with their time. They will give much of their time to assist the less fortunate in society.

Donate your money

Most of the charities operate under stringent financial times. They have numerous competing priorities which cannot fit in the meagre funds.

Canadians spent over 2 billion hours in voluntary work

Statistics in Canada indicate that the Canadians spent over 2 billion hours in voluntary work. This is over and above the items that they gave to charity as well as the fundraisers that were conducted in the nation to aid in charity


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Disney Makes Headline With $5 Children’s Charity

As soon as the castle logo appears with the star shining across, many hearts skip beats. Disney for years has been the source of happiness for innumerable people especially the children. Philanthropy is widely practised by Disney as they whole heartedly work towards giving comfort, inspiration and opportunity to families, ...


Donating Online: Things To Consider

Once in every while one may get the urge to make a charitable donation to a course that is launched in the online platform. Given the scamming and the cyber insecurity, one should be very wary of the organizations they are given g their money to. These are some of ...


Scottish People Named The Most Generous Charity Donors In The UK

“Generous Charity” Among the different nations that form the UK, it has been revealed that the Scots are the most generous. According to Charities Aid Foundation, the Scots have the highest tendency to contribute money for charity work, donate goods to charity, sponsor a colleague or friend, and spend their ...

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